Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A tribute to dads

The below post isn't supposed to be political or anything. It's more just something I have observed in my little corner of the world. If anything, it shows the world's getting better about being equal, even if that means sometimes the muck gets spread evenly along with the good stuff.

So the other day I was in Walmart and saw something that made me pause for a second or two. I saw a 30 something pregnant woman come in wearing clothes a 13 year old would wear, chatting loudly on her cell phone and just being obnoxious. Pretty typical for Walmart, if you ask me. But behind here was the father (or boyfriend) carrying their first kid in his arms while the little girl slept. He carried her like that little girl was his whole world and the two of them made such a tender picture... that was ruined as the pregnant mother snapped at the father to walk faster, then turned back to her cell phone and ignored them. That dad just walked a little faster, but kept his eyes on his daughter and was oh so careful to avoid waking her up.

Now I remember growing up in a feminist family how men were sometimes vilified because they were the ones that walked out, they were the ones that drank and cheated and did all those horrible things that break a family up. But as I've started to notice, these days it's just as likely that the mothers are the ones that drink, cheat, abuse and walk out.

Single dads are more common than ever before and I am actually happy with this. Some women make terrible mothers just like some men make terrible fathers. I'm glad society may be learning this. I see young couples with a little kid and see the dads running after the child while the mother just rolls her eyes and looks like it's a huge inconvenience to catch a toddler headed straight for some terrible collision with a shopping cart. So many parents have kids they're just not ready for and I see more mothers out there that seem to think their child is just a problem. They don't want to bother raising the kid. And then, running behind the child is the dad who is trying to be a good dad. I know he might not know all the answers, but at least he's trying.

So here's my words to those dads struggling to raise a kid with an indifferent (at best) mother.

Go dads! You're awesome!

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