About me

Welcome to my blogspot!  

I am an origami-est who does a lot of paper folding, mostly modular origami, but sometimes I do figures. I fold a lot of my own designs, and sometimes I put the instructions here on my site if I like the designs enough. 

I sell the things I make on my Etsy store. It has a lot of my origami, along with necklaces I make out of avocado pits I've carved, watercolor paintings, and other things I've made that sneak in every now and then.

I am in the process of typing some journal entries my Great Grandma wrote before her passing. This is a "when I have time" project.

The Dreamtime Dreamscape posts are writings about the dreams I have, which are often rather strange and weird.

I do flash fiction challenges both on G+ and at Terrible Minds when I have a chance, I'll post them here. I like to write and try to do it when I'm not folding paper.

Lastly, I have 8 kitties. I love them and love making lolcat pictures out of their antics.

On social media sites (mostly G+ and Twitter) I commonly put material under #ACatADay #Origami and #DreamtimeDreamscape

Now and again a random post not about the above will sneak itself into the blog.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome!