Saturday, November 17, 2012

Binx tries to eat our breakfast on Caturday

Binx tries to eat our breakfast, but we know he just ate his kibble, so we know he doesn't really need our eggs and bacon. That doesn't stop him from trying! Oh Binx!

Friday, November 16, 2012

To the pits! Avocados, that is.

I made a new avocado pendant for Etsy. I enjoy making these, but I don't think I've made a real post about them, so here we go. Basically what I do is I take avocado seed/pit and while the seed is still soft, I carve into them with a nice sharp knife. As the seed dries, it becomes a much smaller, much harder wood seed, which I can then put an eyelet through. They make nice pendants, which I then varnish and sell on Etsy.

So here's photos of one. This one I decided to really try to make the carvings as deep as I could, the effect was really nice. I plan on trying this again once I get another few avocados!

Front view

Side/back view

Top view

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Spider-Cat vs. The Green Doglin

Spider-Cat: BRING BACK THOSE CHEEZ CRACKERS, Daddy bought those for me!
The Green Doglin: No way Foolish Spider! Daddy got them for ME!!!

Spider-Cat is, of course, Smokey. The Green Doglin is Sam, one of the dogs hubby grew up with. Sam is a huuuge cocker-spaniel who was notorious for eating just about anything. Smokey loves cheese crackers, and Sam loves, well, eating. So of course there would have to be a show down between the two of them over cheese crackers!

Oh, and The Green Doglin doesn't get around via a Goblin Glider like in the comic books (ala the Green Goblin). He gets around via his awesome farts. Since Sam eats anything (I do mean anything) he has terrible farts, so he gets around via his Ass Glider (TM).

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Origami: Dragon Scale Fold

EDIT: Ok, so I double checked, what I made is actually the dragon scale, which is here and is slightly different than the fish scale, which I have done, but didn't do today. I'll do another blog post on the fish scale!

I've been going back and forth on folding origami masks. I'm taking a break from the origami balls I've put up on Etsy. The idea I have is for a fish mask, so I've been looking into scales. After getting maddeningly frustrated with the prototype I had going, I went to youtube. (Link is for the fish scale, which isn't what's below, see Edit above.) I will post on the prototype later. I found dragon scale folds, and here's the result. Sorry the picture's so crummy, it's with my laptop camera.
Dragon Scale Fold out of a square page of a book
It's a nice fold. Once I figured it out, it makes sense. It's basically a squash fold done over and over in a repeating tessellation. The scale pattern has to be done with the correct folds. I want to try it with a larger sheet of paper when I have more time to get more scales going, seeing as I only had time to do two scales.
Dragon Scale Fold from the side. Nice depth to it!
The squashing fold motion is complicated at first and rather frustrating. Book paper isn't the best for this kind of thing, it doesn't have any fold memory. The second you unfold book paper, it just forgets you folded the paper, especially for small folds, so forget pre-creasing anything. Useless! It made doing the second scale really annoying.

Also, you have to do the top scales and work downwards, at least, I had to do that with the book paper.
From the back. 
From the back it actually has a really nice effect and what I would want for the mask. I'm going to look into finding out how to get this look for the mask without doing the complicated folds for the front. Perhaps I can simplify the front folds somehow. The paper looks upside down, but it's not.

From the bottom.
You can really see the square base fold here. I'm getting very familiar with square bases as it makes nice scales and was what I was using in my prototype. It does look nice! Square bases, how useful you are! Get familiar with them, chaps, I will be using them a lot!

Thursday, November 1, 2012