Sunday, November 4, 2012

Spider-Cat vs. The Green Doglin

Spider-Cat: BRING BACK THOSE CHEEZ CRACKERS, Daddy bought those for me!
The Green Doglin: No way Foolish Spider! Daddy got them for ME!!!

Spider-Cat is, of course, Smokey. The Green Doglin is Sam, one of the dogs hubby grew up with. Sam is a huuuge cocker-spaniel who was notorious for eating just about anything. Smokey loves cheese crackers, and Sam loves, well, eating. So of course there would have to be a show down between the two of them over cheese crackers!

Oh, and The Green Doglin doesn't get around via a Goblin Glider like in the comic books (ala the Green Goblin). He gets around via his awesome farts. Since Sam eats anything (I do mean anything) he has terrible farts, so he gets around via his Ass Glider (TM).

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