Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Daddy by John Hawley

The following was written by my husband, and I liked the story so much I had to put in on the blog. I think he's a lot better at writing than he gives himself credit. It's a sweet story, I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments if you like it.

My Daddy

It was long ago, but she still remembered. A time when her owner was full of life and joy, a time when she was young and spry. He used to play with her all day, scratch her chin, and she'd sleep between his left arm and his chest, snuggling as close as she possibly could. Times like those made her one happy kitty. She never thought of him as her owner, but as her Daddy.

Life had changed a lot since those days, her Daddy had gotten sick and was very weak, she had reached her final years. There was no longer a spring to her step and her joints ached, her Daddy wasn't feeling much better. She didn't know what was wrong with him, he just slept all day, he had little motivation and had lost a lot of weight.

There were however, the memories. Memories of all they had been through together A time when she needed a very expensive surgery and her Daddy had paid for it. Others would have put their pet down, but Daddy thought she was worth all the money in the world. She loved him so much for this display of loyalty and affection.

Sometimes he would get a bad cold and was bedridden for days. She would lay in that particular spot between his left arm and chest and purr, purr, purr just to comfort him. It would seem, at least to her, that cuddling next to her Daddy would help him get better faster.

On her birthday he would always get her canned kitty food, her favorite thing in the whole world... besides her Daddy. He'd play for what seemed like forever with her favorite string and shower her in catnip. She recalls when she was just a baby kitten that he'd give her warm milk.

With these thoughts in her head she slowly, painfully, crawled into bed with him, nestling herself in her favorite spot between his left arm and chest. She purred a deep, contented purr, seemingly at peace with all that had come their way. Her Daddy's pulse began to weaken as well as hers, but she still purred just as loudly and proud as she could, she did after all, love her Daddy.

As the life and light began to leave her eyes and their pulses stopped, all was not lost, they were not gone, but instead together again in Heaven, just as happy as they'd ever been.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Kendall the Diva Kitty

We're going to do a cat post today! Today is all about our Diva kitty, Kendall.

Diva Kitty strikes a dramatic pose!
Her full name is Weinekendall Drinkwise Boozewalker on account that when she was a kitten she used to run into walls a lot. I didn't know her back then, so I go on hubby's word for her seeming drunkenness.

She is also known as the Great Kendallfini because she likes to put on a show. When she is dancing, she likes to be known as Disco Kendall.

Now, you may ask, why is she our diva kitty?

It all started when we gave her a summer shave. Back story time! See, Kendall didn't take the best of care of her fur. When we were in the apartment her teeth went bad. She doesn't have most of them now, nearly all her back teeth had to be taken out as a result of how bad the infection in her mouth had spread. We did the best we could to help her fur become healthy again while she got used to not being able to break big bits of kibble. Turns out, by the way, cats don't chew their food, at best they break hard food into smaller bits and swallow it all whole. That's why most cat puke has whole bits of kibble in it. Anyway. We moved into the house and Kendall seemed to be taking great care of her fur, horray!
"Dis my laptop. Now pet me"

The fast forward a year and again her fur is getting a little dirty, she has a hard time keeping up with it. It shows dirt easy and gets clumped up really fast. So we borrowed the fur shaver from my sister in law and proceeded last summer to give her a buzz cut to end all buzz cuts. (Ara also got one, but she gets buzzed every summer, her long hair is hard for her to keep up in her elderly years and gets matted every spring)

Well, when Kendall was shaved down we realized how incredibly soft her under fur is, and what a lovely light orange color! It was really beautiful! We had to leave her legs long, and her face and tail. So it looked like she was wearing a tight gold dress and her leg fur was sticking out like she was wearing some kind of fuzzy gloves. The effect was striking and looked really cute! And, most importantly, she loved it. She perked up without all that fur and demanded we pet her short stubble all the time.

"Mommy, daddy! Look at my beautiful dress!" she seemed to meow, "pay attention to my pretty self and pet me! Give me lots of attention because I am beautiful!"

We, being the consummate spoilers of kitties, obliged.
"I look down on you, silly humans"

Then we started to notice other diva behavior.

She would snub her brother, he wasn't good enough for her pretty self. She got picky about her food. She got even more picky about her water. Every morning she would meow at me until I put a fresh bowl of water down in the kitchen and then guard it like it was the fountain of youth from any other kitty that dared to want to drink her fresh water. We started putting bottled water in the big water bowl and she eventually did start drinking from there, but only if the water had been bottled and fresh.

Now she's got us trained. She will trot in front of us when we're walking through the house, meowing in her strange whine (which is where the Weine came from, she's always had this meow that sounds really pathetic and cute) and directing us to the kitchen where she wants gooshy food, or the litter box which she wants changed. We don't always give the gooshy food, but when we do, she refuses to eat it from a plate or the can. Hers must be served from a real bowl or she snubs it and meows at us until we put it in a bowl. This cat can tuck into her gooshy food, too, so it's really funny that she won't eat it from a plate or can.

"I'm so cute!"
We also have this little doll's bed from when I was a kid, and she's determined that is her blue rainbow bed and to heck with the other kitties! We have it set up near a heat vent and she loves to sit in it and preen. She gets this smug expression and gloats that she's got the bed, the warm bed.

She also demands that hubby leave the pillow or his left side free in case she wants to lay on his head, or in the crook of his arm at night. She isn't satisfied until he tucks the blanket around her if she's in his arm, and will drape her paw across his arm so he can't move it.

"I'm on your heat vent, stealing your heat"
It's really cute. Sometimes frustrating, but mostly cute and we indulge her diva behavior to a point. She doesn't always get what she wants, but she gets this spring in her step when she does that's so cute. It's like she floats across the floor with tiny ballerina steps, playing the part of the swan princess, the main part that only the best of dancers get.

So that's Kendall, our diva kitty. Some day I'll post about Kendall's great rivalry with Vivi, her arch nemesis. They have a long standing feud with each other that spans from the couch in the living room all the way to the litter box by the bedroom.