Sunday, August 28, 2011

Clone Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Wikigalaxciapedia page (Flash Fiction)

Here's another entry into the Terrible Mind's Flash Fiction Challenge

Below is an excerpt from the Wikigalaxciapedia page on Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cloned Martin Luther King, Jr, as copied in 2545 by student Earalion Johnstiearmarithan for his third year college project on the historical clone.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Natural life (Earth standard): January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968. Cloned (Mars standard): March 4, 2248 - February 34, 2391

Natural life:
Known as a civil rights activist, the natural life of MLKJ was spent using non-violent methods for the African American Civil Rights Movement. This movement was to give the African Americans the same rights as other Americans, see Earth history, section 5. Assassinated.

Cloned life:
After being cloned from DNA found in his museum pieces by Dr Frankfurt Mestopfiese in 2248, Martin Luther King, Jr. spent the first part of his 143 year life on Mars. There his civil rights background was integral to joining the two factions of Marsians, the Reds and the Greens, to coexist. While he was cloned from a scientist of the Greens he later joined the Reds in their pro-active farming techniques which, by the later part of the 2390’s, proved to be integral to continuing sustenance farming on Mars.

This second civil rights movement showed Mars that his his non-violent methods for contained and peaceful protests were more powerful than the previous riots by the Reds as they instilled the ability for the Green scientists and Red farmers to trust each other to make peace talks. Through his campaign on Mars he showed the farmers how to use facts and science to convince the Greens that farming with oxygen producing plants as found on Earth depleted the thin atmosphere of Mars, while the natural yellow nitrogen producing plants increased the height of the atmosphere so that the oxygenification machines originally used to create the breathable atmosphere on Mars could be used to create a layer of breathable air across the planet in a height tall enough for humans to live comfortably on Mars.

The protest planting of 2281 whereupon Red farmers refused to grow the Green’s super plants and replaced half their crops with Marsian yellow crops was organized by Martin Luther King, Jr. and was the only successful protest planting on Mars.

Using the success of the protest planting, Martin Luther King, Jr. continued to push for equality in the government and in the sciences. In 2325, after the annual dust storm, talks resumed between Reds and Greens and by the end of that year, Martin Luther King, Jr’s work with civil rights was completed with the signing and implementation of the Olympus Mons Treaty. Rights to vote for elections was given to the Reds and the right to inspect fields was given to the Greens. Though the Greens were convinced their Earth based plants would prove more sustainable than the Mars based plants, an agreement and a long term experiment was devised and executed. Only after his second death did the wisdom of Martin Luther King, Jr. be verified as, to this day, Marsian plants are the preferred crops.

On 2330, life was found on Jupiter by a sanctioned gas mine on the planet’s surface. As his diplomacy skills were no longer needed on Mars, Martin Luther King, Jr. agreed to learn the Jupiterian language to create a peace treaty between humans and Jupiterians as trace compounds in the Jupiterian atmosphere were proving invaluable to the creation of space light drives.

By December 210, 2331 (Jupiter time) Martin Luther King, Jr. learned the language of the Jupiterians and began peace talks. However, upon his first visit to the planet surface the Jupiterians tried to kill Martin Luther King, Jr. with a high voltage shock to his space suit. Only by luck did Martin Luther King, Jr. make it safely from the surface though it took another year for him to recuperate the use of his body as his mind had become trapped within an unresponsive body. By the time he had regained full use, the war between Jupiterians and humans was under full operation. By downloading the proceedings of the war into Martin Luther King, Jr.’s brain during his recovery period Martin Luther King, Jr. was able to determine that the Jupiterians had been plotting the destruction of the humans since the humans had landed on Mars and the Jupiterians had used their mental telepathy to create the animosity between the Reds and the Greens in hopes that the two factions would kill each other before the full scale farming of the yellow Marsian plans could be completed.

Also during his recovery period Martin Luther King, Jr. was able to discover the way the Jupiterians used their telepathy and that his previous learning of the Jupiterian language was worthless as the Jupiterians did not have their own written or spoken language due to their advanced telepathy.

Once he was recovered and able to speak to his fellow humans, Martin Luther King, Jr. taught the Earthian and Marsian forces how to use telepathy and used this against the Jupiterians.

From 2332 until his assassination in 2391, Martin Luther King, Jr. was on the forefront of the war, joining in the battle using his previous knowledge of non-violent diplomacy to create massive mental attacks against the Jupiterians, which proved the singular most effective tactic to destroy the minds of the Jupiterians who were not able to withstand the mental attacks of the entire military.

In 2391, following the victory of Io, the Jupiterians used a single thought attack on Martin Luther King, Jr. as a last stand to kill the prominent figure of the war, believing that without his influence the minds of the rest of humanity would not be able to defeat them. The Jupiterian’s mental attack destroyed Martin Luther King, Jr. but his legacy lived on as, by 2400, the Jupiterians were destroyed and full scale gas mining of Jupiter began and space light drives led humanity far into the galaxy.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kindle is the DEVIL! ... or not.

Ok people.

I have a Kindle 3.  And I love it, I buy books on it all the time and I love to read from it.  Heck, I use it as my laptop because my real laptop died, so if I want to get on the internet quickly I use the Kindle.  I use my Kindle every day. 

So.  My beef?  Why people tell me that having a Kindle (or any e-reader) makes me a bad person.