Friday, September 16, 2011

The perfect brew - Flash Fiction

Another 100 word story for Terrible Minds Flash Fiction challenge.  The challenge is to make a 100 word story using 3 of the following 5 words: Enzyme. Ivy. Bishop. Blister. Lollipop.
I feel like I cheated using Ivy as a name, so I used Enzyme, Blister and Lollipop.  It's slightly macabre, appropriate for Halloween coming up.

"Don't!" Mother said, pulling the chubby hand from the stove, "you'll blister! No lollipops today, my little Ivy. We're making something special." She smiled wide at Ivy.
It was a face only Mother could love; lumpy skin, a hint of a moustache over thick lips.
"Food?" asked the grossly fat child.
"Yes, darling, and enzymes. To make you beautiful." He mother smiled wide and soaked a loaf of bread with the cloudy liquid and threw the bread into a huge stainless steel vat. Ivy crawled in, eager for food.
A month later Mother poured a perfectly brewed dark beer from the vat and smiled as she drank. "Ivy’s Special Brew. Halloween edition.”


  1. :O

    Shocked and horrified!!! Was not expecting that ending. Good job!

  2. Hanzel beer. Nice unexpected ending.

  3. oh yikes - this is awesome lol
    wicked Halloween tale :)

  4. Eeek. Where's the gingerbread house? Or should it be a gingerbeer house in this case? I loved it.

  5. Thank you for your comments! I'm so happy you like what I wrote!

  6. Agreed. Truly macabre! Quite fun, though :)