Friday, September 2, 2011

100 words on revenge

This week's Friday Flash Fiction is to write a 100 word story about revenge. Terrible So here's my contribution. 

"Luke!  I am your father!"
"What?" I exclaimed.  I leveled the gun I’d snuck past security at him. "I’m not Luke!"
"You’re not? You look just like him."
"I don't look anything like that dweeb! Besides, Luke Ozzel knows who his dad is.  You killed his father, so he hired me to kill you.” I explained.
“Oh,” he paused, “Wrong Luke. Admiral Ozzel came out of lightspeed wrong. I had every right to crush him.”
"Luke had every right to hire me to kill you," I pointed out. "Goodbye Darth Vader."
I shot, but he crushed my throat first.  I died instead. So much for revenge.



  1. Very amusing. I like the way D.Vader's got his line all worked out, ready for the final showdown. :)

  2. Interesting story pulled from the first sentence.
    Louise Sorensen