Monday, September 12, 2011

Hubby the editor

Last night while trying to explain my story idea to my husband he told me my story was boring. And unlike the first time he told me and I got very quiet-rage-y this I trusted him. I thought back on what I'd written lately and how my story had gone and besides a few minor scenes that were pretty good... the rest of it was pretty crappy. Boring, really, like he said. With no point. And I'd told him what I'd been doing with my story and he did a great job of being an editor and told me I had to stop fixating on a character and start telling a bloody story.

And so, after a lot of thought, I've decided that my whole idea of how to do this story of mine has been pretty terrible. I've been trying to write the story from a moment part ways into the plot and have been trying to explain it without really doing a good job. So massive re-write is at hand where I do what all those authors who know what they're doing keep suggesting. I write an outline, I finalize parts of the world, I change things so they make more sense and I start with a much more exciting part of the book. By that I mean I start out at the beginning of the book, not the end. This also means I'll be saying good-bye to the character the story sort of revolves around for a while and maybe come up with a few new ones, which is exciting as well as hard.

My biggest issue is that the beginning of the book is very dark. Which is a blast to write because I like writing dark things, but I really hope it's not too dark to read, but then... why not just go for it? At some point I've got to just write the darn thing!

So in conclusion, my husband is a great editor and I must start this thing from the beginning... again. But this time I'll do it smart. I'll stop trying to prove to myself that I can do this without an outline and can do this just in my head. I'll stop trying to make this amazing one of a kind novel and just write my darned story because if I want to be a writer I've got to do just that. And if this means I have to reveal some stuff before I thought it'd be cool, so be it!

Whoever said writing was easy is a f-ktard.

And my hubby is an awesome editor.

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