Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Binx the lil'man

Binx shortly after we got him. He's so tiny!
Binx, our newest kitty, is finally growing into his eyes. He was a tiny cat when we got him (or rather he got us, see the Meet the Cats post) all malnourished and a kitten still and boy he needed to put on some comfie eating pounds. His eyes were too big which gave him a cross-eyed look, which didn't help because he kind of stared at us a lot when he came inside, it was cute but made him look like a silly lil'man.

Well, bags of cat food later he's gotten quite the tummy and it quite the farter. He could clear a room with his stinky poos and his toots, but he loves his food. It looked really funny when he was so tiny because he had this huge bulging tubby gut poking out of a tiny kitten body. Well now he's getting the big cat body and it is matching his tubby bellah a lot better.

He isn't used to the excess weight, let me tell you. The other day he was sleeping on the coffee table, sprawled out in this floppy mess of kitty that covered most of the table. He's adorable when he sleeps because he doesn't believe in curling into a ball. No, this bad boy spreads himself as far out as he can tip to tail and it looks like he's leaping for joy. This does make his tummy spread out too, so we don't notice his girth as much when he's sleeping.

So he's snoozing and adorable and something startles him, so he tries to get up really fast and swings his feet over... and off the coffee table. Instead of being a graceful cat and landing on his feet this cat just flops over and lands right on his back with a huge THUD that I could hear all the way across the house. Dead weight kitty forgot he's quite a bit of weight...

He did this later when he was in the windowsill, he wiggled so he'd fall off but forgot his tummy gets in the way of his wiggles and just kinda flopped off the sill and onto his back on the floor. THUD.

And then he did it yet again when he made a dramatic leap from the floor to the window, only the window wasn't open like it had been all those other times, it was closed. So he face planted the window pane and kinda just slid down and landed with a big ol' PLOP!
Binx now, he's such a joker!  Teehee
If any poor burglar tries to break into the house now they'll have attack cat Vivi to deal with and fat kitten Binx, who will just roll off whatever he's on and make a big THUD and wake me up.
Binx is also the only reason why we now have a Bath and Body Works wallflower, we got a fall one in the shape of a little happy racoon because Smokey looks a lot like a racoon and it was cute. Thanks to pumpkin spice being constantly wafted through the house I only have to do litter once a day, not twice. This has also cut down on our plastic bag stealing we were doing at Walmart to make up for the sheer number of litter filled bags that fill up our trash can. (No, I won't ever use reusable bags at the grocery store. I NEED THOSE PLASTIC BAGS DANG NABBIT!) I will have to do a post later on litter boxes because I do a lot with litter boxes. I have 7 cats, after all.

Binx has also found out that humans are pretty swell and really good at petting that spot under the collar that itches just so. Now, Ara is a demanding cat, she demands her pettings a certain way. Smokey doesn't like to be petted unless hubby's around, and only the head unless hubby's really close to make sure I don't mess up his bellah fur or something. Vivi gets mad if we pet her when she doesn't want to be petted. So each cat has their own specifics about pettings... But Binx hasn't figured all his out yet so when we pick him up and pet him he kinda goes all limp and purrs mightily. Hubby will prop Binx up in his arms and start scratching that chin and slowly Binx'll ooze down until he's almost falling out of hubby's arms in this state of pure cat bliss. I have a hard time holding Binx now that's he's a fatty kitten, but he'll lay on his back in my arms and his head will slowly droop over my arms until he's almost bent in half and just lay there as long as nothing distracts him. I can practically hear him thing "OMG, what are these amazing humans doing? I must ooze to show how much I lubs da pettin's, ooze, ooze, ooze."

So Binx is getting along well and went from being a slightly skittish stray to being a fully pampered (the tubbygut proves he's pampered) house kitty.

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