Friday, September 16, 2011

My strange cat Ara

My name is Ara, I will stalk you.
The other night Ara started doing something pretty strange. Now, Ara is our eldest cat, she's 13 and allowed her bouts of insanity.

I have this basket next to the bed where I put my chapstick, nail clipper, flashlight, batteries, cell phone that I use as my alarm clock, body spray for when the kitties go poopoo and it stinks to high heaven, and eye-mask. It's a full little basket. It's a pretty generic little basket, but it keeps my area next to the bed nice and tidy. Well as tidy as it can be with my c-pap hoses flying all over... Anyway.

I've noticed the past week or so that every morning the basket is empty, it's contents spilled out next  to the bed and I'd just assumed it was me whacking the basket, or the c-pap hose getting tangled in it or whatnot. Last night as I was headed to bed, hubby and I were talking and I heard the basket topple. I look over and Ara's standing, happy as you please, with her front two paws in the basket and the rest of her out of it. Just standing there. Staring at me. All my little bedtime items spread out around her in a nice mess.

She did this for a good five minutes until I moved and a hand became visible, then she was out of the basket and demanding to be pet. While she's distracted by my fingers scritching her chin I put everything back in the basket and prop it next to the bed again.

Then this morning I wake up and find that once again everything's out of the basket and it's on the other side of the room! And Ara's digging in it as if she could dig a hole to China through this little basket. Of course she doesn't do any damage, she's our only declawed cat, but she sure is trying. She's acting like a kitten with this thing! Going nuts!

I make some sort of noise that was supposed to be "silly cat" but came out more like "gurrrhgulgh." I'm not sane in the mornings...

Later today while I'm at work (I work in my bedroom at home) I hear the sound of the basket being tipped over and turn to see Ara once again putting only her front two paws in the basket and she's staring at me again.

Stalker kitty!

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