Sunday, September 25, 2011

Three sentence story

Here's the new week's writing challenge at Terrible Minds. The challenge is to write a three sentence story, so I wrote the below and posted it on his webpage, but wanted to have it up here on the blog just for fun.

I dug my hands inch by inch into the water starved dirt around me and felt the earth itself cry for water, but eons of tears had evaporated before they even reached the parched ground.
I kept digging, day after day, month by month, until I was a husk of flesh as dry as the earth above me And I reached the water far below the surface.
I dropped my cracked and dry body into the water and felt the water shudder in surprise and realize it's mistake in thinking earth and water could ever be separated, and as the water rushed up the hole I'd made I knew I'd saved millions.

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