Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Needle Felting: The Fourth Cat - Binx

I got a lot better! I watched a lot of youtube videos at this point and realized I needed to work on how tightly I was felting. Once I gave myself permission to felt and realized over-felting would be very difficult, I was able to achieve much better results. 

You can see the back is still too loosely felted. It looks a little lumpy. The head, neck and back transition is not smooth and later I went back to smooth this out.

I did get a very good detail work in the legs and arms. I tried make Binx look like he was sitting really cute and for the most part, I got the look I wanted. I noticed the black felt didn't show the details of the arms, so I put some dark red felt in the edges so it would make a little contrast. You can see that from the camera flash.

Later I made a tiny cheeseburger to go with Binx. You can see Vivi's paws here, she likes to try to eat wool Binx.

Once again, though, I made his ears too big. 

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