Sunday, July 20, 2014

Needle Felting: The First Cat - Ara

Recently I took up the hobby of needle felting. It's where you poke raw wool with special needles and the wool fibers become intertwined. As they get intertwined, the wool becomes like a sculptural form that you can manipulate with the needle. The more you poke with the needle, or "felt," the harder the wool becomes and the sharper the angles you can get.

Wool comes in a ton of colors and you can make a bunch of shapes.

So this was my first effort. I tried to make Ara, my eldest cat. So I picked a nice grey wool and tried to make a kitty based off a design from Molly Makes, a magazine I picked up.

For a first effort, it turned out pretty good! Not perfect by a long stretch. Now that I've been felting for a while, I know that this kitty needs a lot more felting and the shape is bad overall, but it's a cute attempt.

I will share the next kitties I made soon.

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