Sunday, July 27, 2014

Needle Felting: The third cat - Kendall

This time I have a in progress picture. I was getting a lot better at the faces of the cats as I tried to make Kendall in cat form. The ears? Not so much. The ears are way to big!

Look at the eyes and the mouth! Not bad! The ears look like fox ears, so they really do need to be smaller. I intend to redo her ears some day so she looks a lot better.

Side view. I was figuring out the tail, arms and feet. I used thread on her paws and whiskers.

Back view to show that I was learning how to get the colors attached so they stuck correctly. It takes a lot more work than I thought at first to get the wool to stick. Everything needs to be well felted, not mildly felted.

This is what my shelf looked like. I was putting all my felted critters up on one shelf.

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