Sunday, September 2, 2012

Writing update!

It's been a while, I decided to post an update on my writing. I've been doing a lot of it in the past month, on a couple of projects.

Finished Writing:
Good cop, Bad cop
7,986 words.
I've done a couple rounds of editing on this one. I want to do one more. I would like to submit it to a lit magazine, though I'm also debating putting it up on the blog. It's a horror/detective story, based off a song I like. It might be too heavily based off the song. I really am not sure, I might put it out for a few more reviews and to ask if it's appropriate to be submitted to a lit mag.

In Progress:
Angels and Demons
35,336 words
This one is about Lisa, a seemingly normal detective, who finally catches up to the person she's been chasing since she was a little girl... only to find out the world is a lot deeper than she thought, and the man who killed her brother isn't what he seems. This one is what I've been working on lately, really pounding out the words. I like the characters, I like where the story is going. I've purposefully kept myself from planning too much.

Old Man and the Magics
14,404 words.
Corbin, the main character, is an old man with magical abilities in a land where magic has mysteriously vanished. He had been given the task to find out why. I'm not very far in this story, it may end up a short story perhaps. I like the world, I like Corbin, but I feel like I need to let this one settle for a while until I decide where to take it. Who knows, I do like the world enough to keep writing it.

112,302 words
Holy bat jeebus, that's a lot of words! This was my NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) entry from 2011. It needs massive editing. Super crazy massive editing. It's finished as in I've written The End, but it's not done by a long shot. I'm considering taking a small part of this story and breaking it off into a separate short story, but for right now, I'm leaving it alone.

Good Guy Undead
20,530 words.
Pretty much dead in the water, even deader than the undead main character. I liked it, but then I hated it. I couldn't get the magic system to work, and I morphed some of it into Old Man and the Magics and then decided after that to quietly put it in my "Maybe Someday" folder. I might try to make part of it into a short story to submit to lit mags.

In conclusion:
I need to write more! I want to continue with Angels and Demons (though, rename it...) and I want to get a few more short stories out there. I've been working steadily through the writing process, trying to figure out what fits for me. I have been trying to find someone to read part of my various stories and give me their impressions, but frankly I'm more than a little shy about it, and like most writers, wonder if anything I've written is even worth a look by anyone else.

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