Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New background! My bookshelf.

So I updated the look of my blog, as I have wanted to do in a while. The new background is my main bookshelf. Complete with various knick knacks and stuffed animals. Some of them are hidden, so here is the bookshelf in it's entirety. I have quite a few little things. A Sackboy I made myself. A porceline doll I got from my aunt when I was a little girl.

There's a couple of Wall-E figures. Strawberry, my first stuffed bear I've had since I was a newborn is the very not-so-pink bear, and Gimpy is the actually-pink bear. Big Blue Eyed Bastard is next to Snowball, two stuffed animals my hubby gave me soon after we met. Kirby is also a hubby gift. The snail with wings clay figure I made.

Of course Brent Week's the Night Angel trilogy is there. Almost every Dragonriders of Pern book by Anne McCaffery. The Luck in the Shadows trilogy. The entire run of Redwall books in hardcover, which I have been collecting for years... A bunch of cookbooks. First book I ever wrote, which was Beauty and the Beast 2 from 4th grade. Yeah. A lot of books. I should list them all some day!

My main bookshelf


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    1. Heehee, I love that trilogy so much! It looks so cool on a bookshelf, too. :D