Wednesday, September 12, 2012

G+ flash fiction!

For a L+ flash fiction post we were to write whatever we wanted for five minutes. I'd had a flash fiction brewing, so I decided to give it a whirl. This is what I got written in five minutes. Quick, rough, and unedited.

I'm sorry father, I never expected it to end this way. I swear it's not my fault! I just wanted to do what you always asked. If only I had known... There's no way I could have, of course. I mean, what kind of person could have known?

Father, all you asked was that your ashes end up in space. It was your last request. I made sure of it. I snuck your ashes onto the satellite headed to Jupiter, the one that was going to end up bypassing Jupiter once it's mission was over and head for deep space. No one noticed the extra weight of the aluminum tube I'd made and filled with your ashes and tucked into a little corner of the array.

For years I would just think about that little tube and you, headed into space. Oh, it delighted me. You were out there, where you always wanted to be. Jupiter was a better place with you there. You saw such amazing things, sent back such amazing pictures! That little array was so amazing!

Then years later, when I was old enough to tell my children you were there, we all had fun with reports that you were going into deep space. How exciting!

And then the array vanished. Into no where. What happened to my father? Hit by an asteroid? That was an easy explanation, some deep space object had destroyed the array and that was the end of it.

If only. The truth was far more sinister. Oh, so much worse.


With cloning technology.

With human DNA from your ashes.

Oh father.

If only I had known.

You destroyed us father. Destroyed us because I put you there and I gave them the power...

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