Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Resumes. I've been updating mine, as I do now and then, and have realized I have a love/hate relationship with them.

I love how they can put my stats down. A baseball card for Kathlyn's great statistics. Simple, easy. Statistics.

Yet... I hate how resume's don't show the rest of me. I'm more than just a bunch of work statistics. Isn't everyone? I struggle to put into a resume my soul. Who am I? What do I want in a job? Why would I to apply to a job that I don't meet all the qualifications for?

That's what happens every time I do a resume and job search. I find plenty of jobs I would love to do, but I'm missing some of the qualifications. I can learn. I can be a good manager/supervisor if given the chance to be one. I can learn whatever's put in front of me. I'm adaptable, I like change. I enjoy a good challenge. I'm motivated. I may not have direct experience being management or knowing a specific program, but I know I can do it. Time and training is all I would need!

How do I get that across on a resume? "Look, I know nothing here on this sheet of paper really says I know how to do <insert job qualification>, but I know I can! I'm smart enough to do this, just give me a chance!" It's the catch 22 of job searching. You need experience to get the job you want, but you can't have that experience without being lucky at your old job or getting the new one. It's sigh inducing. I want to prove I can do the jobs I apply to on the resume, but it's too informal.

It all just tastes wrong in my mouth to sound like I'm begging or being too hopeful. I know I can do any job I've applied to in my life, but how to show that on a resume? One small sheet of paper carrying so much weight.

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