Monday, July 23, 2012

Dreamtime Dreamscape: Brothers and Sisters

I had another story idea in my dream last night. It dealt a lot with time travel. In this dream I was more a narrator than a specific person in the dream.

It started out in current time. A girl my age with long brown hair was given a will from her late grandfather. He left a mansion to her upon his death and said that his passing would unfold events she could not even dream about. She would have to find her siblings to fight a great evil.

She knew she was the only child, though her mother and father were not known to her. She went to the mansion and found a secret room. I never really saw inside the secret room, she kept it even from me in my own dream.

The dream shifted and I was in a huge forest. The girl was there. A boy her same age stepped from the shadows of the giant trees and welcomed her as his sister. He was dressed in druid robes and had long hair, red I think. He wore a golden torque around neck and said he was a powerful druid and was willing to do whatever he could to help his beloved sister from another age.

The dream shifted again. The two of them were in the mansion again and the druid said how he would go to Mongolia to get their brother, one of the many children of Gengis Khan and their mutual mother. He left via the secret room, leaving the girl to find her sister.

She went into the library and searched through some old books and found some hint in some Egyptian texts. She was positive that was where her sister was. Something was going on outside the mansion that leant haste to her actions, but I didn't know what it was. Mentally I add in some kind of end of the world scenario, but I don't think it was something so doomsday-ish.

She went back into the secret room and was transported to the Egyptian times. She found a girl their age who was a priestess. The priestess did not immediately understand that they were siblings, she was hesitant to go with the modern times sister, but when some palace guards came into the dusty temple to take the Egyptian priestess into captivity because of whatever it was that was attacking the modern times mansion. They ran into the time portal and were transported back to modern times.

At this point I had to take a second in my dreams to explain to myself what was going on and how this was all possible. I did this by having the Egyptian girl as the druid boy and modern times girl what was going on.

The four were all from the same mother, but different fathers, yet they had all been born at the same time as quadruplets. Their mother, being on the side of the good guys, knew they'd need four siblings of her birth to save the world, but they all had to be from different time periods for some reason. She traveled through time and got the required, ah, DNA, from men in four time periods. She was then artificially inseminated with four fertile eggs, one for each sibling. I remember wondering if there would be any possibility for romance between any of the siblings if I were to write this into a novel (yes, I even wondered this in my dream) and realized it really wouldn't work because they all have the same DNA strain from their mother.

Once the children were born, they were transported to their own time periods and raised by surrogate mothers that were tied to the good guys. The druid brother had been told before he took his druid training that he had siblings out there, he knew the most of what was going on and acted as the knowledgable brother. The Gengis Khan brother was the fighter of the group. The modern sister was the best at dealing with technology and the sister from the Egyptian times was the most logical one.

There was a last scene I remember where the Egyptian sister was trying to read an English book and had to translate everything into Egyptian until the druid brother did something to her to allow her to read English.

I woke up while thinking of the logistics of the dream. How would they work together? What is their foe? Why did they have to save the world and what could be such a strong force that it required time travel? I saw some of the foes in the Egyptian times, so could their foe travel through time too? It left a lot of questions, but was a fascinating dream.

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