Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dreamtime Dreamscape: Bison Bacon

I got to sleep in a little this morning (Thanks holiday!) which means dreamtime!

Hubby and I were living in this cabin in the north. Like, really far north. It was winter, and we were having to go out and clear paths through feet of snow. I was narating to myself, explaining how our neighbors worked hard to help clear the snow, and how you had to keep yourself in these tunnels of snow and how we built in areas where you could scoop snow from the side of these paths and eat it to keep yourself hydrated. I was very detailed in how we had to go out every hour to shovel the new snow away to keep the paths clear. I am often a little overly detailed in my narrated dreams.

We were really hungry when we came back inside, so I decided to make eggs and bacon, only we didn't have any bacon, all we had was buffalo. I kept arguing with myself if it was buffalo steaks or buffalo liver, because for some reason this was very important to me.

I cooked up the eggs in a soup pot, adding milk to make them really fluffy, and fried up the slices of buffalo bacon. I wondered how buffalo could be made into bacon, so I mentally revised the slices to be more like little chunks. I was clearly very hungry because after I duped the eggs out for hubby's plate, I started using the buffalo meat to scrape up the little bits of egg left on the pan. You know, the paper thin egg bits left over? I love those bits.

Somehow I knew I had to go to work, but in Canada my work was different that it really is. I do insurance stuff. I had to switch all my knowledge to Canada insurance stuff, and for some reason I kept thinking "In Canada, they have people with little wings!" so I had to figure out how to quote stuff for people with wings and the various problems they'd have with them.

I think this whole wings thing came from a picture I saw before I went to bed of Penguin's hands (from the Batman movies) and how gross real hands would look like with the fingers mashed together. I kept imagining hands without fingers as if they were wings sticking out of people's backs. Oh, and the people had purple skin. I kept seeing X-rays of the hand-wings with really big joints, somehow wings were easily deformed by oversized joints, and the treatment for this was being pushed through legislation so it would be covered.

I also started wondering how wings would work in the dead of winter, so I started imagining huge puffy coats with little puffy wing sleeves poking out of the back. In my inner monologue I was telling myself how incredibly stupid this was, and how there's no way hands that look like wings would sprout randomly from people's back, it didn't make any evolutionary sense!

So I went back to cooking bison and eggs in my head and woke up feeling really, really hungry.

Yet another strange dream for the books!

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