Saturday, July 7, 2012

Origami: Full-bloom Kawasaki Rose

I've been getting back into my origami (see my Etsy store) and I decided to once again attempt one of the more difficult roses, the Kawasaki Rose.

I followed the directions from, one of the better origami diagram sites I've found.

The first few folds. At this point I was like,
hmmm, that's a lot of folds to start out with.

Secondary batch of prelim folds.
Wow, that's a lot of folding before you get to the actual folding!
I made a fancy tent! Ok, now we're starting to get somewhere...

Squashed it! That center square is the
end result of all the prelim folding.

Forgot to take pictures to get to this stage because it took
a lot of patience and I didn't want to lose my place.
This is the top view.

Bottom view.

Umm.. WTF did I just do? It doesn't look anything like a rose!

Kay, now it's starting to look a little better.
But still, doesn't look much like a rose. Top view.

Bottom view

Did some box folding to the bottom. Woah, now it's starting
to look better! That does look like the bottom, at least!

After some really complicated unfolding of the previous
folds on the top... here's the finished product!

It's a rose! It really looks like a rose!
Clearly I need some more practice to make it look really sharp. Still. I did it! Pretty impressive for me! I tried this same rose back in high school and ended up without a clue what I was doing. This time I tried a few more simple roses first, so a lot of the folding to get the general shape I had already done. If you want to try an easier rose, I started out with the Spiral Rosebud, which is mostly just the first few steps of this rose.

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