Thursday, October 25, 2012

Origami: Star Flower SG1 Modular Origami with Chyiogami Paper

Finished the modular origami ball I was working on, it's up on Etsy! It turned out pretty good, considering it was my first attempt at a ball without any sort of starting point. The other balls I did without a diagram all started from a base unit that I modified, but this one began without a base fold in mind.

We decided to call it Star Flower SG1 for fun because it just seemed to fit.

This was made with the chyiogami paper, which was a delight to work with. It's easy to fold, making crisp folds that stay nice and sharp. It folds sharply along the bias of the paper, and along the 45 degrees most of the design used. My only problem is the paper was a little slick. I was gluing the ball together anyways, but if I was going to do this model without glue, it would have been very difficult with the slippery chyiogami paper.

Star Flower SG1 made with Chyiogami Paper
I ended up making a tassel for this one out of thread after someone on G+ linked a picture of an origami ball with a tassel. It looked very classic. I think I will do this for a lot more origami balls.

The ball is hung via a wire I actually stripped from an ethernet cable, the orange is the wire's cover. I have a long length of ethernet wire that was cut somewhere in the middle, so it's unusable as intended. It makes very good wire for origami to hang with because it's flexible and, well, free. The beads match nicely.

I might try the design again, with a few tweaks. I need to change how the units fit together, it's not very stable. I also might try collapsing the points of the flowers into pillows to make a slightly different looking design, something I would try with a square model before I try with a 30 sheet model, of course.

Anyway, that's my Star Flower SG1, enjoy!

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