Friday, October 19, 2012

Dreamtime Dreamscape: Cat messes and Past selves

Last night was the first night in a long time that I had a dream that I remember. It was a very strange one, built in parts that skipped over one another. We'll see if I can keep up in any sort of sense.

At first I was in an auditorium. I was one of several women being picked to become a queen or princess or something. It was a dating game almost. I didn't want to be there. The prize was the winner would be able to date the prince or king, and potentially help rule the kingdom, if the people of the kingdom liked you enough. I didn't want anything to do with it. I sat near the back and found some paper and decided to make paper cranes instead.

I found a backdoor to the auditorium at some point when the people in front, girls that were eager to please this king, were led off for their interviews. I snuck off and was transported to a huge forest.

I've been in these woods before. It's always fall and the woods are always flooded. Water came up to my knees. Cold water, crisp and still. Even though I walked through it, I didn't make any ripples. Golden leaves floated on top of the water. The trunks of the trees rose like quiet sentinels. The air was biting but refreshing. Everything felt sterile and clean.

As I walked, I came upon a house stuck in the middle of this giant flooded woods. Water somehow hadn't gotten into the house and I opened the front door, which was just an inch higher than the water level. Somehow my clothes weren't at all wet and I didn't track any water into the house.

Once inside, I was transported again, away from the woods I've dreamed about before and into a big city. I was in an apartment. I had already been picked by this king. It was actually my husband. Somehow he had found out that his great uncle that had died had been a great leader and he had died. Succession rules meant my husband was now king, but he had to make it seem like he hadn't been married to me before, so he had to act like he wanted to pick the other women, but chose me instead, knowing he wanted me to be his queen.

Neither of us wanted to be royalty.

We had to be in a big parade, so we were all dressed up and put on a giant float. The dream was blurry here, I don't remember exactly what happened. I remember a vague sense of unease at being in front of so many people.

When the parade was over, we were back in the house in the woods. The water was still flooding the woods and hubby and I were left alone. The cats were in the house, but we couldn't find them. They were nervous at being in a new house and had thrown up all over the house. Hubby went to find them and I started to pick up the cat puke. It was everywhere, on the clothes strewn around the house, on the couches, all over the floors, the sheets. Everywhere I looked, I found more messes. I started sweeping up the messes, even though they were wet.

It was actually pretty gross. I have no idea why I dreamed of something so gross. Perhaps my mind just wanted to dream of something disgusting.

At some point I ended up in the living room of the house and looked out the main bay window and saw a car sitting just outside the front of the house.

I knew that car. It was my old car, the one that broke down a little under a year ago. I wondered what was going on and went to the window and looked out. I was stunned. I was sitting in the car. I looked like I was dead because the water in the woods actually came over my head and my head was flopped over to the side. My skin was pale, sickly looking. I tried to open the front door to rush outside to get to my own aid and help myself, but the door was locked.

Somehow my dream self figured it out. I was looking at myself, only a past self. Somehow I knew that I was watching myself from a year pervious when I had sat outside this very house waiting for a realtor and fell asleep in front of the house. How I knew this, I have no idea. I stared at my past self and wanted to tell my past self about everything that happened in that year. I wanted to warn myself about things that happened so I could be prepared for them. I kept pressing myself against the glass, wanting to warn myself.

What would I tell my past self? What would I warn myself about?

Strangely, I kept telling myself to warn me about the explosive cat puke and how gross it would be to pick up.

I woke up shortly after that.

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