Saturday, October 6, 2012

Modular Origami: Minty blue geometry

Here's the origami ball I've been in the process of making. Finally finished! Tomorrow I'll take official pictures and post it on Etsy.

The design and diagram of this origami ball was all done by me, I didn't follow any set diagram. So this is another one that was pretty much created by me. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. The swiggly lines are inked on with fancy ink with a fountain ink pen I got in Italy, which is shown on the new picture on my about page on Etsy. It's one of those glass pens where you have to dip it into the ink. It was fun to use.

All done!
I hope someone buys this one, it'd be awesome to have these things in someone's home. They'd be great ornaments for the holidays, which is why I've been in a frenzy to get so many done lately.

The folding was more complicated than the last few I've done, but it didn't use much beading.

Next up is one with chiyogami paper. I've got a few ideas muttering around in the back of my brain for that one. I might do a different design overall for that one, more of an open ball instead of the closed ones I've been doing.

Below is how the pieces looked before I put the ball together, 30 sheets of minty blue paper, all ready for being inked and glued together. All my balls don't need to be glued, but since I do sell them, I glue them for stability. The color does look different between the two photos because the bottom one was taken with my web cam, so it's not quite right. When I take the photos of the ball outside, the colors should be a lot more accurate.


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