Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dreamtime Dreamscape: Mutant edition

Here's one of my latest nap dreams...

This one is hard to remember in parts, so it might be disjointed. Most of this was in 3rd person, I watched the dream but was not actively involved and was not representing any particular person.

Somehow a bunch of mutant people were put into prison, which is where the dream starts out. All of the people were super powered, some in big ways like moving water, or freezing things, the usual, but some had very strange and somewhat pointless powers. One person could move cloth fibers, but only ones made of cotton and only when woven together. Someone else could do something with VHS tapes, I don't really remember.

Then all the mutants were loaded on a long bullet train to go to another facility. Only now they weren't prisoners, but normal people on this strange train. The train was attacked by some lady who could fly and freeze water and it was raining so she was doing really good at attacking the train, so some of the other mutants picked sides and a all out mutant war took place. 

Now I focused on the female who could manipulate cotton, and came up with ways she could be of some use, and I kept arguing with my dream self if the woman would really be wiling to hurt people, if her actions were character or story driven, so I kept having to rewind the attack, then play it again with slightly different uses for the cotton manipulator depending on what kind of character development I wanted her to go through.

Well, from what I remember, she learned that she could make cotton threads really strong, so when parts of the train were blown up, she used the cotton fibers in the seams orange prison jumpsuits to jump out of the seams (undoing some of them, like along the pant leg or sleeve) to tie somehow around things on the broken parts of the train, then tie into the carpet, and hold the train together with a strange kind of cotton thread webbing.

When I had her be a little more agressive, she tightened the weave of the clothes the bad guys were wearing around their necks, to choke them. 

I specifically thought "I don't like the cotton thread thing, it seems too... typical. 'I manipulate thread, thus I surround myself with living thread/hair! too common'"

That's why I put the "it has to be cotton woven into fabric" into her limitations, so she couldn't be a thread flinging mutant. So she started being more a backup helper. She stopped wounds from bleeding by tightening fabric around a wound, or helped move unconscious people up by moving the cotton weave on their clothes like snakes until they were out of danger...

I did the same to the winged freezing rain person as well for a while, then quite abruptly...

Huge cliffs and mountains, empty of people. Flying on the back of a dragon, I think. Typical mode of transportation between dreams for me. Because when I landed...

Same kind of universe. Mutants. Only there were only 4, and they were brothers. Everyone else on the same train was a normal person except two of the brothers, who were good, and the two attacking who were evil. The good two hadn't discovered their powers, but in the fight the evil brothers kinda coached them. Evil 1 had the power to drain water, Good 1 had the ability to make water. Evil 2 had the ability to change the past?... I think? Good 2 had the ability to change the future? Maybe... I don't remember exactly.

All I remember is their powers came out during times of high stress, and the evil brothers wanted to turn the good brothers to their side, but the good brothers ended up having to kill the two evil ones.

And because I wanted more drama, I made water be a big deal, there was a drought, so having a brother who could create water was a big deal, and he demonstrated this with a huge fountain that shows up sometimes in my dreams, it's kind of a swirling fountain with a zen like bonsai in the middle.

As I woke up, I saw the four circular sigils, one for each brother, change. The ones for the evil bothers were burned on this panel of dark wood and the good brothers remained, saddened greatly by the loss of their evil brothers.

Very long dream, kinda strange. I wish I remembered more about the brothers and their powers. There was something about how the two evil brothers found their powers that disturbed the nation they were princes of, but I can't remember how or why...

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