Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dreamtime Dreamscape: Artisan bread version

So last night I had another strange dream... I dreamed I was Spider-man, and yet I wasn't. I was at a mall, trying to defeat the bad guys, when my cover was going to be blown and they were going to learn it was me. I remember only bits and pieces of this part of the dream. Something about me zooming around as if I could fly. I was dressed like Spiderman, but I didn't have many web like powers, I could just climb on walls and stuff. The bad guys... there was something strange about them, but I can't remember what it was...

Also, I was going to college and I was late for my classes and I tried to explain that hey, I'm Spider-man, I should be allowed a little slack from college.

Well, college decided that being a superhero wasn't enough, and I had to prove that I was actually doing good work. So I (in full costume, including the mask) picked up some homeless guys the bad guys had hired to do their nasty work and told them I would get them a great job if they switched to my side.

The homeless men somehow didn't know I was Spider-man, even though I had on the mask, because I wore normal clothes. So anyway, I drove them to this remote house by a river that was totally in disrepair. Yet it was somehow an old school mill, complete with water wheel and grinding stone. The place was totally trashed, and the homeless men didn't believe in my vision, so I started cleaning the place up.

I went into this dark room of the mill that was covered in bird poo and went to the window and tried to open it up to get light into the room. The homeless guys were staring at me as if I were nuts, but I got the window partially open. An old expired can of tuna fish (I swear to goodness I made a mental note it was a tuna can) was in the way of the window. So I went eff it, and started tearing out the rotted slats of wood on the ceiling by climbing up the brick wall. Lots of spiders fell on top of me, yet I wasn't weirded out or grossed out by this. And I threw the slats from the ceiling (which looked like slats from an old plaster wall) into the river.

Somehow me climbing up the wall, pretending like I was some rock climber and not Spider-man convinced the homeless guys I was serious about this. And I was, somehow training these homeless guys to make bread was integral to defeating the bad guy, some guy who was a cross between Galactus and Magneto.

So then I totally had a video montage. Music played while I was shown snippets of the guys and I tearing down the walls, of me making money to pay for this venture by selling my belongings, and me getting them artisan wheat to grind up on the old fashioned mill, powered by the river. At one point the mill flooded, so I had a nice scene of me using some strange water power I didn't know I had to move the water away from the mill.

When they got their first batch of wheat milled, they added water and were so amazed it came out as pancake mix and they feasted on fancy stone ground wheat pancakes and it totally blew these guys away. I had a little scene where we were all bouncing down the road (me still with the Spider-man mask on) in a big blue truck with a huge old fashioned iron stove, the kinds from old mansions, bouncing in the back of it, and the homeless guys were being flung around like it was some carnival ride and they were having the time of their lives, so excited were they for this bouncing oven...

Next thing I know, somehow they are making loaf after loaf of rich, fancy breads and feeding it to their homeless buddies or making the rich pay good money for this bread, and this was financing my... whatever I was making... to defeat the Galactus/Magneto bad guy.

Then I woke up, very confused.

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