Thursday, June 27, 2013

Origami: Omega Stars

I got a little obsessed with Omega Stars for a while, and made a bunch of them in varying colors. You can find instructions on YouTube. There are a ton of instructions, so I won't go through how to make them.

The awesome thing about the stars, besides how easy they are to make with six sheets of paper, is they are easy to fancy up, too.

The orange one (1)  pretty plain. I didn't add anything to the paper, I just used three slightly different shades of orange paper, so the star looks interesting.

The yellow one (2) was made with six sheets of yellow with the same tint of paper, but I painted the center with gold paint, so between the center webbing of the star, you'll see gold paint.

Similarly with the yellow (3) star, I drew squiggles with a black pen, so you'll get a hint of the three dimensional inside that way. I think it's very striking and fun.

For the pink star (4) I used both three shades of pink paper and painted the inside of the star silver, and for the blue star (5) I used more silver paint.

The last star I made was with decorative paper (6) I had and it is lovely! The paper has geometric designs, which suit the omega star design very well.

All in all, I'm happy with the omega star, and will probably make more. I have been thinking of adding some to sticks and making them into fairy wands, but most of them just have strings on them to make them into ornaments at the moment. I've put a few up on the Etsy store as well. Of course, they can be special ordered. I was thinking they'd be cute cake toppers or piled into a bowl with mini-lights.

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