Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dreamtime Dreamscape: Coffee Shops

This dream was from a few nights ago, so I’ll do my best to remember it. I was working at a coffee shop that was like Starbucks (which I once worked at) but wasn’t Starbucks because it was a locally owned coffee shop.

It was laid out a lot like the shop I worked at, only it had this extra counter to one side which we didn’t use, and we had extra counters behind, and it had an enormously huge bakery case to one side of the store. The bakery case went up to the ceiling, with probably a hundred different baked goods. They were all very fancy ones, cookies and brownies, cupcakes and muffins, anything you could imagine, all bright and full of calories.

The coffee area of the store had the usual coffee bar and espresso machines, and the back room had a huge sink and tiny dishwasher. Since the whole shop was busy, there was always a lot of dishes and in my dream, just like when I worked at Starbucks, I was stuck doing dishes for a lot of my work shift.

I dreamed that I was working very hard keeping the store cleaned because my coworkers and my boss weren’t very good at it, and I was getting yelled at about it a lot. There were a lot of problems with the floor drains, flies and gnats were coming in through the pipes, so I covered them up neatly with plastic wrap (this is something I actually had done at the store I worked in) and I got called to the back office and yelled at by the district manager for doing this.

I had to plead my case to the district manager until they realized I was actually doing the store a favor by using the plastic wrap to cover the drain covers while leaving enough room for the water pipes, and reducing the flies from the sewage pipes because the people that made the building hadn’t put in a proper piping system. My dream had this whole piping system montage gif moment.

I kept cleaning and cleaning, and kept having to sweep up the store. Finally we had so much stuff that I had to move the counter space on the strange unused area of the store. I was shifting the counters when a hamper full of clothing fell out from between the counters. It was full of dirty clothes and a plaid parachute that unfolded all over the place. 

Somehow I didn't think it was strange that the parachute was strange. I took that in stride. I also didn't take it badly that it was held together with suspenders. I did freak out that there were pills hidden in the clothes. The other employees were all horrified to find them.

It was a huge mess, but the district manager was coming around again, so my boss started chewing all of us workers out for the mess I had made. I had to clean up all the clothing and fold up the parachute and the boss took the pills away. 

Finally I realized the parachute was my boss’s because she went parachuting every weekend. I was pissed because she had been throwing all her old clothes behind the counters and was now making me clean it all up. We all suspected that she was popping pills, too. The pills in my dream, strangely, looked like viagra or something. Ha!

When the district manager came, and was mad the store wasn’t clean, the rest of the employees and I explained about our boss. I don’t remember all the details of the dream here, except the boss got fired. 

I got promoted to head baker, and I was excited about this because it meant I got to make all the hundred of little bakery items. And I mean hundreds, the moment I looked over at the bakery case, my dream made it twice as big and impressive looking and I dreamed I made every one even more fancy than the last one.

To reward me for my work, the upper management bought me these shoes. I thought they were really awesome in my dreamscape, but honestly they were horribly ugly and I’m glad they aren’t real. They were red velvet platform pumps with spiky heels and chunky platforms. They were also covered with black metal punk studs you find on leather belts. I probably would have stabbed myself with the spiky heels. Seriously.

I woke up shortly after getting the horrible looking shoes. It was obviously a dream I had when I was really hungry because I focused quite a bit on the bakery goods, and I was frustrated with cleaning.

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