Saturday, August 9, 2014

Needle Felting: Rubber Duck and Bluebird

After felting a few of the cats, I decided to try to do something different. I figured a bluebird and rubber duck would be fun and I had a lot of these colors, so I went for it.

The bluebird turned out pretty cute!

What this? A cat paw?

Nooo! Destruction of the bird! (And cheeseburger I made for the Binx cat) Oh the humanity!
Note: Cats adore wool, that's why a lot of people who felt also make wool felted cat toys.

But don't worry, the bluebird was rescued safely and is just fine. I think he looks really cute. 

The rubber duckie was next. I wanted to make him with a really silly expression. The beak was hard because my needles weren't the best. I hadn't bought small needles yet. So at this point the beak was rather big. So big I had to felt in a bunch of extra felt on his tail so he wouldn't topple over face first!

Lucky for the duck you can't see the extra felt on his tail because I felted it in so tightly.

Look at that cute expression! He just wants to be picked up and held! I do like the way his beak turned out. It's big and cute. I've since touched it up with the smaller needles so it does close a little more on the sides.

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  1. Just learned you have a blog. Love both these birds, but I think the cat's paw is the best. Lol