Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dreamtime Dreamscape: Spirits in Blue

I was at the mall I often dream about, the one with white floors, white walls, and enormous stores that go on endlessly past their colorful storefronts. It took place before my wedding with hubby, and I was there to pick out a wedding dress. I went into a dress store, one that was two stories tall, it had two storefronts.

I walked in the upper level, then walked down this narrow off white staircase to the lower level, where mom and dad were waiting for me. I asked, the staircase was there so brides-to-be could experience walking down a fancy staircase, but I thought the stairs really weren't all that extraordinary.

Dresses were all over the place, on individual racks in cubbyholes around the store. Each was beautifully displayed, no two were alike. The store felt endless.

I had to find a specific dress, mom and dad were insistant on it. Mother wanted me to find a pretty white gown, but dad pointed out that it was my second marriage (which is true in real life, I have been previously married) so I could wear whatever color I wanted. The dresses started being more than just white. I decided I wanted a 50's circle skirt dress with layered petticoat. I wanted to wear blue. The dresses started to change color and style as I dreamed and as we walked further in the back of the store.

Mom picked out a potential dress. I liked it a lot. I don't actually remember the dress, though I had gone through a lot to pick it out. I tried it on, and upon entering the changing rooms, I was suddenly outside in the parking lot. The parking lot had a park in the middle, where I was getting married. It was cold, I wished I had chosen a longer dress. I remembered in my dream that when I was married to hubby, it was cold, but I had worn a skirt and hose that kept me warm.

I walked towards the park, but dad called me back. He said before I could get married, my fiance and someone else had to go back to the store and find the secret there. I went back to the store and found a button on the floor. Hubby was there and someone else. I have no idea who the other person was.

When I pressed the button, the floors and walls peeled back like old walpaper and behind it was a dungeon. The dungeon was made of grey stone, with various torches set up for light. In an alcove where a dress had hung was now a lantern lit by bright blue lights, three of them, that swirled around inside the lantern. I realized the lights were spirits of the dead. I had to free them.

My fiance went with me to the lantern and opened it up. Two of the spirits left, trailing brilliantly blue tails of light. They went out through two other alcoves and were gone. For some reason, we were tired from this, and decided to go to our reception.

Somehow opening the lantern, as simple as it was, it was what joined us in marriage. I realized as we left the dungeon that I had been in the room before. It wasn't just one alcove, it was a huge amphitheater in a cave, with seats like in a movie theater. The seats were being moved to make room for the guests.

I looked down and was wearing jeans, not the wedding dress. Hubby was there, but I couldn't see him. I didn't recognize any of the guests and something kept nagging at me. It took a while of mingling and making terrible small talk before I remembered there were three spirits in the lantern.

I found my father, who said the last spirit was the most important and would start a long test, a quest so to speak. I didn't want to start the quest, but I had to. I had to release that last spirit.

I found my husband and we went through to the dungeon alcove room via a secret passage, for some reason we couldn't get into it any other way.

The lantern was still sitting there, and the third member of our party was still standing there, entranced by the light. Whoever the third person was didn't want us to let the last blue spirit go, but I had to. It was my duty and my job, something I had gotten from my dad.

I went to open the lantern, but the door was stuck, rusted. Hubby helped, and we got the lantern opened up and the last spirit came out. It flew around in a blaze of blue light until it settled on the third party member. He (or she) changed to look like someone I knew in my dreams, but I don't know outside of them. It scared me, I don't know why, but it also woke me up.

I have no idea who most of the people were in my dream, but I do remember the sense of urgency that I let the spirits go. There was a lot more detail to the dream, but it's been enough hours that I only remember the general idea of it.

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