Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dreamtime Dreamscape: Homework

Last night I had a dream similar to ones I had in college. It was a dream about homework. Ugh.

I was in a hallway of the college I have dreamed about multiple times. The hallways are like they looked in junior high, with large dark blocky bricks making up hallways with white floors, the occasional student poster on the wall. I know the exact place in my junior high, always right outside my science class. I spent a lot of time in this spot, I was usually early for this particular science class because I liked it so much.

There was some sort of lab going on, something that we had to do in groups. I had an assignment to finish. I had to get it done before I got called into the lab, so I spread my notebook papers across the hallway to work on them. I remember the worn surface of the hallway, where the thin wax layer had worn off by the grit of junior high student's sneakers.

My assignment was to copy part of a few previously done homework assignments onto a single sheet of paper. There were five or six sheets. I started writing my name on the top, then had to erase it and put my married name. I put the date, the class, the assignment, then I had to put an account number.

Account number? I don't remember account numbers in junior high! I was confused, rubbing my head, then I noticed I'd written account numbers on the other sheets of paper. They were numbers from phone accounts, records from other totally unrelated work. They all started with three zeros, then an A. I wondered why an "A" because my name doesn't start with A.

I didn't have time to be wondering why, I had to finish the homework! I started copying the account numbers and the paragraphs under them. The other work wasn't in my handwriting, I thought, until I realized I had written very carefully. I had to write neatly. I found it hard after so many years of scrawling my words on writing journals. It took a lot of focus.

I heard my name be called by my junior high science teacher and another teacher I'd seen before but never had, and...

And then I was woken up by my hubby. That's all I remember of the dream. I know I've dreamed of similar dreams before. School work is one of the mainstays of my dreamscapes. Has anyone else had persistant dreams of returning to school?


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