Monday, June 4, 2012

My Momma by John Hawley

Hubby says: It's not often I get something done, let alone make a sequel, but, here it is.

My Momma

It had seemed like ages since Daddy and I were reunited again, here in the kingdom of God. The truth, is that it hadn't been long at all. Daddy and I have met up with some of our closest friends and family. We are both happy here, free to play all day, and share in the warmth of our friends and God's love. Daddy seems especially happy here, he and one of his closest friends spend what seems like forever catching up. The only time Daddy doesn't seem happy, is when he looks in on Momma.

I too have noticed Momma, she is so sad. After Daddy and I came to God's home, Momma has been lonely. She misses me...but I know she misses Daddy most, he was everything to Momma. As I look in on Momma at this moment, I can no longer take it, she is close to something terrible, I must help my Momma. I glance toward my Daddy, and he nods in approval, his loving approval and the blessing of God are all I need!

It's dark, my eyes haven't opened yet, and my lungs burn with that first breath of air. My limbs are weak, my muscles still forming, I need to learn to live all over again. For now I must nurse and and rest, I'll need my strength, my quest's success is uncertain, but I MUST attempt it. Weeks go by, I am regaining my familiar functions again, but my tummy hurts...I am so hungry and there is nobody to feed me.

It's been a long time since I have eaten, and the water that I find is polluted and hardly drinkable. I have been abandoned, but I know that if I keep on my path, I'll find Momma. I just don't know if I can hold on, I feel so close to death...have I failed Daddy, Myself and Momma? It's sudden, but I feel a warm and loving must be Daddy and God, they're telling me to keep going.

This is it. This is my home...Momma...I'm here. I wait for such a long time, I do not know how long, it's getting cold, but I MUST stay strong...for Daddy...for God...for my Momma. The world is getting dimmer, I know I won't make it, Momma...I just wanted to see you make you happy...I've sacrificed so much just to see you again. The door opens, finally, and Momma steps out, she seems to be leaving. She doesn't see me, walks right passed me, I manage to get a weak and pathetic 'mew' out. She heard it! Momma turns to me and she exclaims "poor little kitten!" At last our eyes meet, I cannot speak to her, but I can tell she knows it's me. Daddy knows I'll see him again one day, right Momma needs me.

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