Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dreamtime Dreamscape: Wings and Mail

Last night was another Dreamtime Dreamscape.

I don't remember the beginning of the dream. The first part I remember is somehow I was a long lost child of this family and I was found because only children of this family had wings.

Now, I don't dream all the time of having a pair of beautiful feather wings attached to my back, but I have had them frequently enough that it confirms that flying is a big deal in my dreams. I suppose you could say I've always dreamed of flying. It would be the truth. I've had dreams of having wings and levitating so often that they are a special class of terrible and wonderful dreams. Terrible because they always end up being dreams of me being hunted, and wonderful because I always get away by flying.

I don't remember the part of the dream where I was being hunted.

I was a scared child with wings, that I had curled in tight around my body to hide them. By being found I was given permission to wear my wings out and proudly. I wasn't used to this, nor was I ready to show them to the world.

The family that took me in lived in a huge house with rooms similar to the home I grew up in. I was given a basement room, a room that was tight and comforting in it's closeness. It reminded me of the bunk I had when I worked on a ship, everything had it's place.

They showed me some things. This part of the dream is foggy, I don't remember any specifics, there was some older woman leading me around the home and I was told that though I was part of the family I was expected to do chores.

As she was talking to me, the entire house moved, shifting suddenly. She told me that the house was a train, somehow I missed this. The house was made of long train trollies, strung together in a long line. It was to keep people from noticing the wings, I was told. If the home kept moving, no one saw it long enough to realize everyone inside could fly.

My first chore was to collect the mail.

It was on an empty train car where at the station they'd just piled the boxes of mail onto the car and left it. I had to pick up the boxes and fly them back to the house before they were blown away as the train picked up speed.

I left the outside confines of the house and was confronted by two bodyguards, both with wings, who had no idea who I was, but recognized the family wings, so they assumed I was just a new stray picked up and adopted and once I told them of my task, they pointed out the correct train car. It was two or three train cars away, I would have to jump between the cars to get there.

I made it with some effort to the car with the mail on it. Everything was addressed to a Katheryn Erbee. I knew that was my name. I was really alarmed that the majority of the boxes were addressed to me. I checked the sack of letter mail and found a dozen letters from my grandparents in there. I knew the handwriting of my grandparents because outside of my dream I knew their handwriting. Inside my dream I could read the envelopes to know. Somehow I knew the extended family had learned about me and was wishing me well. I was touched by this and tried to stuff the letters into my pockets, only to find out I wore a kind of oversized sash with only one small pocket.

I put the letters carefully on the floor of the car and picked up the first box and half flew, half jumped from car to car until I got to the main entrance of the house car. The guards asked me who the box was for and I said Katheryn. They looked at me confused, not knowing that was my name. I stacked the box where they told me and went back for the next.

On the way back I could see the pile of letters moving in the wind. I increased my speed and tried hard to get there before the letters blew away. Once back on the mail car, I put the letters under a box and lifted the next back to the house car.

This happened several times, each time the letters slipped out from under the box and nearly flew away.

I started to notice things on the boxes, hints to what was inside. Each was addressed to me, and some had words on them. I can't remember the words, but it was like watermarks, one of them said something like "inside are illegal bootleg dvds" or something.

Finally I had only one box left and had to leave the letters uncovered on the mail car. That last box, somehow I knew it had a mask in it, the mask being labeled as illegal, but I knew it would help me fit into the new family. I was careful with it, so it took longer than before to drop the box off and get back to the mail car for my letters.

As I was halfway there, one of the letters lifted off the pile and flew up into the wind. Horrified, I tried to fly after it, but it fell between the mail cars.

Somehow I missed that the train had stopped. I had no idea how long I had, so I quickly flew under the cars. The train cars were enormous, far larger than normal rail cars. I found the letter and was in a rush to clamber up, knowing the train wouldn't stay put for long.

I woke up as I grabbed the letter and the train started to move again.

It was a strange dream, but the ones where I have wings are usually strange.

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