Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dreamtime Dreamscape: The Aristocrat

The night before last's dream was a long one, mostly because I kept hitting my alarm clock and dreamed between snooze buttons.

I was an aristocrat lady, in my 20s, and I was trying to stop being an aristocrat. The dream from what I remember started with some kind of dinner ball. The ballroom was made up of huge pond lilies, on each lily leaf was a table with fantasticly dressed people with mostly gothic dresses, the tables and chairs were all set high above the lilies. It gave the impression that the lilies were in the basement, and the tables and chairs were on stilts that went up to the first floor. Yet.. there wasn't any floor. It was like a Salvador Dali painting, with the tables on stilts that went down impossibly far.

It was all dramatically lit, with colored stain glass lights here and there. The tables were all black… Anyway, I was on the side of the room where there was an actual floor at the level of the tables and I was yelling at someone in the middle of the ball room about how I didn't want to be an aristocrat anymore. I think it was my mother or the Queen, or both. They told me I'd never survive outside the lifestyle I was used to. How could I when I knew nothing about living on my own without servants?

I stormed off in a rage, walking through hallways, bypassing busy servants on my way to my rooms. The whole building seemed to be built on these lilies, so it was more like I was walking along walkways, yet the door frames off the walkways didn't show the inside of the rooms, just the doors.

I got to my room and opened the door. The room was lavish, but I ignored the rich wood furnishings and went to the closet and pulled out a plain dress. Somehow I got out of the black gothic dress myself. Also, somehow my body was a lot smaller than I am, more like how I had looked when I was a young teenager. This happens a lot in my dreams.

I left the mansion by way of a giant three way walkway that curved around the lilies and onto the actual ground. The city outside the lily mansion was huge, dirty, and looked a little like Bowerstone from Fable 3. There was a huge gated door in front of the mansion, the three way walkway split into different levels and plain clothed servants were everywhere. I had to stop on the side of a walkway to catch my breath. I nearly was pushed off the walkway and somehow knew landing in the water under the lilies was not a good idea.

My dream is a little unclear with what happened next. I have a memory of me learning how to wait tables, but being terrible at it. This is true in real life, too. The one waitressing job I had I was miserable at it. I woke up at some point in all this while I was walking along a dusty street, lamenting my escape from the mansion and it's easy life. After I punched the snooze button and went back to sleep I was back at the mansion, leaping between tables in the ballroom and wondering how come none of the other guests thought it was strange their tables floated a story off the ground.

I fell at some point in my leaping, and it was the falling that jolted me awake. I didn't fall asleep after that.

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