Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dreamtime Dreamscape: Bring Ara to Work Day

So last night I had a dream based on a job I used to have. I was working at an office building in a downtown metropolis and it was my first day. Apparently I'd worked the job the summer before, I kept flashing back to this dreamscape college that I apparently attended for most of the year, and the year previous where I had been in a long line of computer desks, puttering away on a computer.

The supervisor who met me at the door to the office told me that they'd changed a few things and really wanted to show me them. She started climbing up a flight of stairs, and we ended in this abandoned floor. Everything looked like a barn, not some high rise, and I was really fascinated by the views.

The supervisor led me up across some of the ceiling beams and through a false roof and through a skylight and we were on top of the building. On the roof, which was a giant patio that clearly wasn't used much. Out in the distance I could see other high rise buildings and looking down I could see a huge park, lots of white concrete, and flying soldiers a'la a sci fi movie. Soldiers in flying exo suits were buzzing from here or there, approving ships to come into harbor. Yeah, somehow that park turned into a busy city port while I had looked away.

I was also wearing a huge trenchcoat and told her that I had to bring my cat, Ara, with me to my first day of work. She said that was fine. Ara was stuffed in my coat, quietly sleeping.

We clambered back down to a classroom type room, where rows of computers were set up on desks that faced the blackboard. I was stationed in the teacher's desk at the back of the room and was told to get the computer running with my old passwords from the summer before. I asked why I was given the teacher's position and was told it was only temporary, depending on how well I worked.

The pressure was on. I logged in and looked around. All the other desks had new computers, but I was running an old school computer, Windows 95 or something. Ara started waking up and I kept her under my coat because another supervisor came in to check up on things and I knew he didn't like cats. A few of my new co-workers were some of my friends from High School and I thought it was weird they automatically wanted me to be their trainer. Somehow I knew I'd do an ok job at it, but I had to get Ara somewhere that wasn't the office first. I was living in a dorm that had constant traffic and if I left her there, someone would open the door and she would escape. I thought to myself "I don't need to dream about the cats escaping from that dorm again because I dreamed that a few months ago." Which is true, I had that dream a few months ago in vivid detail.

Ara started squirming and I put her in a animal tote box. She started having to go to the bathroom and I was told I had to get her out of the office. I told them that I was only bringing her to work on this first day because I had to find a good place for her to stay while I was working, the place I was staying at didn't take good care of cats. My dad was coming to pick her up, I said.

I called dad and he teleported into the office room, no more than a foot away from me. This pissed the supes off because no one was supposed to be able to port into the building, but dad said he was part of special defense so he was given the clearance. I woke up with the supervisors and my dad arguing, and me petting Ara and keeping her happy, and my high school friends asking me how to log on. Also, when I logged on, I had a few hundred e-mails and notifications. Then I was truly awake.

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