Monday, March 19, 2012

Kitties with Boots!

In honor of Puss and Boots.... OK, not really. We found these booties at PetCo and picked them up for the mom-in-law's Pomeranian puppy, but we couldn't resist putting them on our cats. Only Binx and Ara cooperated enough, so here's the photo album! After our shenanigans we took the boots off and they were mad at us, until we gave them lots of pettings and attention!

Binx with the first two boots!

Awww, see how much he looooves them?

He just flopped over at this point.

Ara, being grouchy with the pretty booties on.

Ara's Amazing!
She tried to walk in them, but had little luck. 


  1. I'd be mad at you too if I were cat and you put "those things" on me. ;) A friend of ours has a son who works in a balloon plant. They had an order for dog booties. They kinda look like a small balloon without the rubber rim. We tried one or two on Rocky, and decided to take pity on him and not put the others on. What our poor furbabies endure for us. ;)

  2. Ha! :D We did put them on the mother in law's puppy and she thought they were really strange and didn't like them much, but they will be nice in the winter when the little girl has to go out in the cold.