Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm'a bear! Flash Fiction!

Here's the very short three sentence story for this last week's Flash Fiction Challenge from The challenge was to make a three sentence story about a variety of animals, and I decided to use the bear. It's not a serious story, but a funny one.

I'm'a bear, I'm'a bear, I'm'a big dancing happy bear! I like berries, yes I do, yes I do like berries and I'm stuffing all the berries into my mouf as fast as I can because I'm'a bear and I like berries, oh yes I do, I dance for berries, look at my berry dance, dance, dance, I'm'a bear, nom nom nom!

Great, you're a bear Frank, we all know that because we're all bears, not stop doing your stupid berry dance and get to eating, we have a long winter ahead of us, which makes me so happy you're in another gorram den than I am because I can't stand your stupid hibernate dance either.

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