Monday, November 4, 2013

Dreamtime Dreamscape: Zombies and Cats

So the other day I had a very strange nap dream. My husband and I were running down a zombie infested building hunting for our child, who had gotten kidnapped. It was intense. Everything was dark and stained red, like in a horror movie. The building was cold, brick and had a heavy, oppressive feel. I could hear our child crying from some corner of the building and we kept climbing up stairwells, shooting at the zombies to find him or her. Zombies blocked our way, and we would shoot down a hallway, alternating who would shoot and who would refill our guns. Together, my husband and I made quite a team, but we were vastly outnumbered.

We got to one floor and it felt strangely safe. The stairwell was brightly lit and a person came running up to us. Only, it wasn't a person, it was a cat. A humanoid cat. I had gotten slashed somehow and I got sick, but the cats only knew how to heal other cats, so they transformed me into a small kitten. I made a very cute little cat and they did some healing magic on me. My husband asked about our child and somehow the other cats knew our child had been caught and turned into a cat person too. My husband and I became very upset that our child was now a cat person as we wanted a human for a son.

Then my husband got sick, but when they tried to transform him, he turned into a dog. The cat humans were alarmed, they could only heal dogs. I don't even think they knew what a dog was.

My husband became furious that we had a cat for a son and that he was sick and couldn't go after him, and the sickness started to go away from his anger. As he got better he realized he was more mad that our child was kidnapped than anything and our child might have been eaten by zombies. Zombies eating our child was worse than being turned into a cat. I decided right then and there that my husband was right, being eaten was worse than being a cat. It should be ok to have a cat human as a son, but not ok to have a zombie son.

Then I woke up.

Very strange. But apparently I'm ok with cat human children but not child zombies. The whole, "eating flesh" thing, I suppose.

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