Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dreamtime Dreamscape: Bookshops in Time

Last night I had a kind of adventure dream turned shopping dream. I have shopping dreams quite often, I guess I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to shopping, which doesn’t surprise me because I hate dealing with money.

In any case. The dream started out that I was in this huge library. It was made of white marble. The whole place was beautiful, with huge Renaissance paintings and built in bookshelves between carved columns. On pedestals around the room were miniature Greek statues.

Accompanying me into the room was a creature I knew to be some almighty being, a God type creature. He, or she, was telling me that I had to make a decision that would shape the world as I knew it. The time streams were being twisted upon one another, and unless I fixed it, all time would cease to exist.

To destroy the extra time stream, I had to throw the miniature Greek statues into the Renaissance paintings, which were actually mirrors, and that would destroy one of the time streams. The god creature warned me that everything from that time stream would cease to exist, all it’s objects and memories, so I’d have to consider wisely.

I thought hard about the second time stream, I had memories from it. Something about the cats and the basement garage from the house I grew up in and the cats getting into the basement garage made me make my decision. I threw one of the Greek statues into the painting mirror.

All of a sudden, half the books in the library started turning to dust. Horrified I asked what was going on. These were all my favorite books! I was told that because I destroyed one time line, the books written in that time would be destroyed too, but I could prevent that by buying all the books I wanted for a price... $20.00 per book and $5 per newspaper.

I agreed to the price and started frantically looking at the books. As I looked, the place became packed with people. My husband was there, looking for books of his own. I started stuffing important books into my pockets, and people kept stealing them from me, so I had to try to find books and keep the ones I had safe.

I found a bunch of newspapers with Calvin and Hobbes prints and grabbed them, but somehow in the fuss, my glasses broke. As I was stumbling around the floor to find them, another person grabbed the Calvin and Hobbes and switched them for Popeye comics. I couldn’t see anything, and time was running out, so I rushed to the checkout counter with my husband.

While at the checkout, the god creature rang up our books and I fumbled to get my glasses back on. Our total was too much for us to afford. I looked through our books and realized half the books were wrong, and the newspapers I wanted were gone. In a panic, I searched for the ones I had actually picked up. I found a few newspapers at the bottom of the bin, including one stuck at the very bottom that was a larger, more complete run of Calvin and Hobbes. Estatic I added that one to our collection and got rid of the Popeye ones.

The books I had picked out were all torn up, including the books I had put in my back pockets for safe keeping. Between the disintegration due to the timeline being destroyed and everyone picking books out of my pockets, my books had been ripped to shreds. I was devastated. The god creature was very mad, and only after my husband yelled at him did he give me another few minutes to look around while the shop was emptying out.

I ran to the back where the paperback fiction was and started opening up drawers, trying to find something I wanted. I found a couple of priceless books, and, more importantly, a few old vintage seed packets from the old timeline. These would be rose bushes or tulips that would never grow again unless I took them out of the bookstore! I had to have them, but they weren’t on sale. Frustrated because nothing was going my way, I grabbed the seeds and stuffed them into my pockets.

I ran up to the register with my last remaining books. The total came to $180.00. I don’t know why, but that number was very important. I woke up almost immediately after seeing the total. I have no idea why.

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