Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dreamtime Dreamscape: ... But Not DC

This is one of my more humorous dreams.

My husband and I were in the Marvel universe and for some reason we were watching a giant evil villain a lot like Galactus fighting Spider-Man and Capitan America. They weren't doing very well, and so I suggested to my husband that we get a few other heroes to help out, but for some reason we couldn't pick any other Marvel heroes.

We had to go to the DC universe. We had, essentially, a giant roster of them in a three ring binder. I started flipping pages. First one. Superman. Seemed like a good choice.

"No, no," my husband said. "It can't be Superman. Galactus has kryptonite lasers."

Somehow. He didn't have lasers a second ago. But now he did. Ok, Superman was out.

Next up. Batman.

"No, can't be Batman. Galactus has an Emo ray. Batman is too depressed and the Emo ray will defeat Batman."

Yup. Emo ray in my head came complete with black makeup and black nail polish and would defeat Batman.

Next up. Green Lantern.

"No, Galactus throws yellow bananas like Donkey Kong and Green Lantern can't fight against yellow bananas," my husband pointed out.

Oh right. Galactus turned into Donkey Kong with Galactus' head and ran around with huge gorilla arms throwing bright yellow bananas that knocked out all Green Lanterns. No, that wouldn't work.

One by one we flipped through the roster and each DC hero was tossed out for one reason or another. My dream sped up and we kept seeing Spider-Man and Capitan America fighting valliently, but desperate for help.

"To heck with this!" my husband swore. "To Mortal Kombat! Liu Kang and Johnny Cage will beat him, no problem!"

A grey load screen with the Liu Kang and Johnny Cage sprites from Mortal Kombat 1 filled my dream vision and they flew into a standard boss fight video game stage arena with a tired Spider-Man and Capitan America in the back of the party. Both were suddenly in their updated versions and my husband pointed out that the Mortal Kombat characters were strong against Galactus.

I woke up at this point, laughing to myself. It's a joke we have between the two of us that I'm a DC fan and my husband likes Marvel more, so it's hilarious that even in my dreams my husband prefers Mortal Kombat over DC. It's what he would have chosen in real life, too!

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