Thursday, January 3, 2013

Origami: Kusudama Flower Petal Base - Geometric Style!

How to make this!
On Reddit it was asked for a different kind of kusadama petal base for these kinds of flowers, and I fiddled around until I came up with one I liked. Here it is for your own use.

Start with the fruit base:

Fold one of the flaps over to expose the colored side:

And fold it down as shown so it is flush with the the bits that were squash folded to get to the fruit base:
 We'll call the little white triangles the Triangle Bits.

Go to the next colored triangle and repeat: 

So you get this. Two Triangle Bits:

Take one of the sections that folds inwards to the left of one of the Triangle Bits and unfold it as shown:

Lift up the Triangle Bit and tuck that extra paper under it: 

Then fold the Triangle Bit back down:

Repeat with the other Triangle Bit:

Now we go to the other two flaps that haven't been dealt with yet. Unfold them so they stick out. This picture shows the back one still folded and the front one all unfolded:

Both unfolded like bunny ears:

Fold them back in, but fold them to the left and around, with valley folds as shown:

So the colored triangles poke out of the top when both the parts folded before are flat:

Now take those extra flaps and fold them over the top on the inside. This is identical to what you do for the other Kusadama flowers:

There you go!

Completed one unit!

Now just do five more and glue them together. Completed flower is below. A full ball would require a few more of these flowers, glued together and so on and so forth.

Mind you, as a large ball of flowers, each flower will have to be attached with minimal contact to the next, unlike the normal ball, because of the shortened length of the petals. Make sure to plan ahead and make all the flower units before hand and paper clip the units together to see how they fit together before gluing so you have all the glue spots correct and you have enough flower units made.

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