Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Journal Post about Great Grandma

This is an excerpt from my own journal (the terrible spelling has been corrected) soon after my Great Grandma died. I found the journal and remembered I wrote this. I think it's appropriate to post this. After November's writing craziness I'll post the second diary I have of Great Grandma. 

January 13, 2002 - J-term sophomore year, 6:30 AM

Great Grandma Redfearn, my hero, the model of woman I want to be when I'm old, died two days ago of a heart attack. I don't know much more about how or why she died, save old age. I'm going to miss her terribly. She was someone I so greatly admired, she became my hero. She was living alone at 96 years old, able to tell stories of how she gave a pumpkin pie to the construction workers and knew how many great great great grandchildren she had. She was such an amazing person, but I know she had to die, old age was starting to wear on her and I'm sure she wanted to be with her friends and family in the afterlife... Still I miss her.

I know she didn't want people to mourn her loss but celebrate her life, so I'll try. To remember her life. Like the honeysuckles outside her home and how she wanted plants and a bird feeder outside her bedroom window. Her tall and hard bed, the 3-D pictographs and old toys. Her bony and firm hugs. How she loved to cook with her old wood burning stove and cooked the absolute best mashed potatoes and gravy... All the shells she had, yet she'd never seen the ocean. Her white hair, all the jokes she made. She was so amazing... She was one of the coolest people I think I'll ever know. God I miss her, and I wish her a good and happy afterlife. May she rest in peace.

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